Wednesday, 20 July 2016

5 Keys To Effectively Manage Remote Employees

Remote employees add more value to a digital marketing agency through cost savings and higher productivity. For many agencies, they are the only way to grow as they are unable to find or afford local talent. For companies that are willing to put in the effort to hire the right staff and put in place right processes and tools, remote employees can be a source of big competitive advantage.


Monday, 18 July 2016

Take Action to Protect Your Long-Term Digital Information

The infographic showcases new research from the Information Governance Initiative think tank (sponsored by our client, digital preservation specialists, Preservica), which reveals that the majority of organisations do not have a coherent long-term strategy for their digital information, even though virtually all of them (98%) are legally required to keep information for ten years or longer.

Further, while 97% of information professionals understand the need for a specialised approach to these assets, only 12% are storing them in systems specifically designed to ensure long-term protection and access. 

This gap has global economic, legal, and societal implications (and follows Google's Vint Cerf's warning about us entering a Digital Dark Age.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

10 Biggest Resume Mistakes You Will Ever Commit

Ever wondered why you never heard back from that dream position? or why you did not get a response after sending over your resume and cover letter? 

It is likely that something about your resume was unappealing big time to the recruiters: something that you did not even know could matter. 

You could be committing some biggest resume mistakes.

Now that you know it, avoid these biggest resume mistakes which are killing your job chances. 

These mistakes also make you look unprofessional and shows lack of interest towards the position. 

These mistakes on the resume could have been easily avoided with enough time spent on writing and reviewing the resume.


Wednesday, 1 June 2016


This infographic depicts a majority of Companies now report that their organizations are concentrating on business growth. Companies now not only help accountants and lawyers get accurate, fast turn around and up to date legal documents for their clients. We also help entrepreneurs and small business owners set up their company structures, websites and also offer offline and online marketing services to help them achieve success in business.


Friday, 20 May 2016

How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids?

Have you ever tried out to find out what your teens do on internet and social media? 

Many parents will answer in the negative and this might be a matter of great concern for them because their children are not safe on the social media. 

TheOneSpy conducted a research on the dangers of social media apps including the number of teens using various apps and sites, what are the crime rates, what dangers they can face and many more factors presented in the info graphic. 

The research concludes in form of few practical suggestions for the parents that do take utmost care when your teens use social media and only let them use digital devices in your presence. 

Otherwise, for effective and better monitoring use the spy applications like TheOneSpy which is the most reliable monitoring application.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

11 Questions to Ask your Plastic Surgeon

It's very important to know the right questions to ask before taking that leap and going under the knife. These 11 questions are the most important when it comes to the safety and success of your plastic surgery. Find out what you really need to know and why before choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your cosmetic procedure and ensure that the cosmetic surgeon you choose is well-matched to deliver the outcome you desire. Infographic brought to you by Korpo SRL. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

How Mobile App Will Pan Out in 2016

How mobile app development will pan out in 2016 is an interesting infographic that takes a look at the possible scene in the mobile app development segment this year. The figures quoted in the infographic may surprise the reader but then, these are based on facts and they need to be taken cognizance of. It also takes a look at the Internet of Things technology and how it will impact connectivity with the inevitable integration of objects including devices, vehicles and structures, effortlessly.
The blog also discusses at length the app security scene and the preventive measures that are being cobbled up to boost the same. This is stated to be of prime importance considering the staggering number of free app downloads and the risks associated with them. Looking at the growth of the mobile market, especially so in the developing nations, the writer also visualizes the visibility it is going to provide more diverse businesses. In short, an infographic worth spending time on!

See the infographic here: